Victim’s Assistance

The Victim Assistance Program in the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office exists to help victims of crime in our community. The purpose of the program is to ensure crime victims are aware of charges that may be filed, as well as hearing dates and the ultimate manner in which the case is decided in order to help the victim’s voice be heard in the court system.

The program also assists crime victims by helping with restitution if they suffer an out-of-pocket loss as a result of crime. Since its inception in 2015, the Hancock County Victims’ Assistance Program has helped crime victims recover more than $200,000 in restitution.

Crime victims are also connected to community resources that may benefit them through the Victim Assistance Program. Hancock County crime victims have been connected to resources for temporary shelter, trauma, counseling and multiple other resources. The Prosecutor’s Office works to keep up-to-date as to resources available in the community, in order to best help crime victims in their time of need.

For more information, contact Victim’s Assistance Liaison, Shannon Crull, 317-477-1139.

Victim’s rights

  1. A Victim has the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.
  2. A Victim has the right to be informed of the release or escape of a perpetrator.
  3. A Victim has the right to confer with the prosecuting attorney’s office before the trial.
  4. A Victim has the right to have their safety considered in determining the release of a perpetrator.
  5. A Victim has the right to be heard at any proceeding involving sentencing, post-conviction release, or pre-conviction release.
  6. A Victim has the right to make a verbal or written statement for the presentness report.
  7. A Victim has the right to pursue restitution and/or other civil remedies against a perpetrator.
  8. A Victim has the right to information about the disposition of the case in which they are involved.
  9. A Victim has the right to be informed of their constitutional

Services Available to Victims

  • Notification of criminal justice events
  • Assistance with restitution
  • Accompaniment of crime victims and/or families to criminal justice proceedings
  • Accompaniment of crime victims with Prosecution interviews
  • Victim assistance referrals to:
    • Mental health services
    • Social services
    • Health resources
    • Rehabilitation services
    • Crisis intervention services
  • Preparation for trial
  • Victim Impact Statement assis­tance
  • Victim Compensation Fund assis­tance  (eligible cases only)

Victim’s Compensation Fund

The Indiana Code defines a violent crime as a felony or Class A misdemeanor that results in bodily injury or death to the victim. Click here to learn more about who’s eligible for funding and how to apply.

Click here to submit a restitution worksheet online.

Click here to download a copy of the restitution worksheet.

Victim’s Assistance Survey

Victim's Assistance Satisfaction Survey

The Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to providing you with quality services, information, and support. Please take a moment to complete this survey to let us know what you think of our program. What you have to say is important and will help us maintain the highest level of service to the community. Your response will be kept confidential. Your opinion counts; please respond today.

Since 2015, every April the Prosecutor’s office gives out the Victims Champion Award to an individual for their outstanding work and leadership shown on behalf of victims of crime. The award brings attention to the importance of victim advocates.

Kelly Buzan, Victims’ Advocate, Alternatives Incorporated, receives the 2015 Victims Champion Award from the Prosecutor’s office.

Nicole Gilbert, Lead Detective in Zoey Wagoner murder, Greenfield Police Department, receives the 2016 Victims Champion Award from Prosecutor Brent Eaton.

Bridget Foy, Lead Investigator, Shannon Kitchens murder, Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and advocate for crimes against children, receives the 2017 Victims Champion Award from Prosecutor Brent Eaton.

Helpful Links

  • MyCase
    • To keep informed of the scheduled hearings and any updates for the case you may visit the website above, by either the defendants name or the cause number.
  • Indiana SAVIN
    • This service will allow you obtain offender information and to register for notification of a change in offender status, such as offender release.
  • Indiana VINELink
    • This service allows you to track the custody status of an offender via phone or website.

For more information, contact Victim’s Assistance Liaison, Shannon Crull, 317-477-1139.