Pre-Trial Diversion

Pre-trial Diversion is offered through the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office to defendants who do not have significant prior criminal records nor have been charged with certain minor offenses. Pre-trial Diversion allows a defendant to avoid a criminal conviction on their record, by completing specified requirements. Upon completion, the charges will be dismissed.

This voluntary program is designed as an intervention aimed at addressing potential substance abuse issues and reducing offender repeat behavior. It provides a greater degree of accountability, through educational programming (alcohol/substance abuse education/treatment) and other sanctions, than typical sentences imposed by a judge.

Participants may avoid a criminal conviction, on their record, by earning a dismissal of the charge by completing certain accountability requirements. The vast majority of participants are first-time offenders. At the discretion of the prosecutor’s office an appropriate defendant may be offered an opportunity to complete the program on the condition that they fulfill greater requirements.

Pre-Trial Diversion Program Terms

The defendant is responsible for paying all costs and fees before the next court date. All defendants must pay:

  • $333 in base fees
  • $170.00 pre-trial diversion program fee
  • $153.00 in court costs
  • $10.00 clerk fee
  • $333.00 total base fees

Additional fees may be assessed based on the individual requirements in each case.

Costs and fees must be paid in full before signing up to participate in the pre-trial diversion program.