By Jessica Wells, Fox 59

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. — A UPS driver caught on camera nearly hitting three kids getting off a school bus is now facing criminal charges.

Those criminal charges were filed today in Hancock County.

Court records show the driver, William Bullock, is charged with recklessly passing a school bus when the stop arm was extended.

Repeatedly screaming stop, a McCordsville mother watched as her three young kids were nearly hit by a UPS truck passing the stopped school bus in front of her home last week.

“I immediately just bolted towards the street waving my hands and yelling for him to stop,” recalls Kelley Beal.

Fortunately, Bullock missed hitting Kelley’s kids by just a few inches.

She hopes the case sends a message to drivers everywhere.

“I hope it scares people. I hope people pay more attention when they’re driving,” said Beal.

According to the affidavit, Bullock admitted he lost focus for a second.  He thought the bus was pulled over and repeatedly apologized for his mistake.

“This is why we ask you to be so vigilant,” said McCordsville councilman Greg Brewer. “Don’t put a package ahead of someone’s life.”

Councilman Brewer claims because there’s a lot of road construction and development around McCordsville and Hancock County, he’s has seen an increase in drivers getting impatient and disregarding school bus stop signs.

That’s behavior Brewer and the county prosecutor agree could turn deadly in the blink of an eye.

“Stop when you’re supposed to stop. Don’t let your impatience cause a tragic accident,” said Brewer.

“You know no amount of time saved on the road is worth getting yourself hurt or getting someone else hurt,” said Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton.

UPS issued the following statement: “We take our commitment to safely serving the communities where we live and work very seriously. We are aware of the incident and are thankful that everyone is safe. We have taken disciplinary action with this driver. Our drivers are trained to be aware of their surroundings at all times and to be among the safest drivers on the road.”

“I’m glad there’s a consequence for his action. Apologize all you want, but this was a very serious thing,” said Beal.

The criminal charge is only a misdemeanor, but a warrant was issued for the suspect and a $600 bond has been set.

Courtesy of Fox 59