HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. – Investigators are looking for a man accused of scamming a senior citizen out of thousands of dollars. An arrest warrant has been issued for 27-year-old Eddie Harrison.

Earlier this summer, 85-year-old Lloyd Dobbins thought he was getting a good deal on driveway work, he was actually getting taken advantage of.

“These guys are crooks and they are taking advantage of people, elderly people,” said Lloyd Dobbins, a victim.

Earlier this summer, detectives say Harrison and some other so-called contractors showed up at Dobbins’ home with a prepared sales pitch.

“They said they were working on the highway down there and they said they had some extra gravel and material and wanted to know if I wanted to have my driveway redone,” said Dobbins.

According to court documents, the workers offered Dobbins’ a deal: $2 per foot of gravel. Dobbins’ figured the bill would be around $200 for his 100 foot driveway.

“Eventually they came back, they did some work, and they basically tore up the contract that was there,” said Brent Eaton, Hancock County prosecutor.

Officials say Dobbins signed some paperwork and then Harrison filled in the blanks. The once $200 bill ended up being $17,000.

“I said $17,000, I’ve never written a check for $17,000 in my life and he says ‘well how about $16,000’ and I thought how am I going to get out of this if they’ve already done it?” said Dobbins.

So feeling pressured to pay, Dobbins, who is on a fixed income, ended up writing the check.

“I felt like I was trapped and I had to pay him so I did,” said Dobbins.

Investigators believe Harrison is the one who cashed the check. He supposedly claimed his crews worked for the county highway, which Hancock County officials say isn’t true. The business address listed on the paperwork wasn’t true either. It was actually the address of a hotel.

“We want to work with law enforcement to do everything we can and see justice is served,” said Eaton.

Harrison is facing three felony charges of home improvement fraud. Investigators know this case involves more than just Harrison and they’re working to track down other suspects.

If you know where Harrison is or if you think you’ve been a victim, call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at 317-477-1158.