The game takes you into a virtual reality where you can look for and capture Pokemon of your own.

Anyone can download and play this game – even a convicted sex offender.

Wednesday night, 42-year-old Randy Zuick of Greenfield was arrested for playing Pokemon Go along with nearby children. Zuick was on parole at the time and was even sitting outside the Greenfield Courthouse.

Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton said, “The probation officers who knew him were the ones who saw him doing that and so it seems that it was a little bit surprising that he would be so bold to violate his probation terms on a courthouse lawn.”

The courthouse is a popular place to capture Pokemon. One player pointed out that the statue out front is a Pokemon Go Gym. This “gym” allows a player to battle other trainer’s Pokemon.

Cole Cochard, an incoming Ball State University freshman, said, “My backpack is full of eggs. [The game] is really fun. You get physical activity, too. Our friends go out with us and we rack up the kilometers.”

Fellow trainer and friend Ethan Kile said, “I definitely wouldn’t be sitting outside the courthouse right now if it weren’t for this.”

Cochard has walked a total of 17 kilometers since getting the game a week ago while Kile has walked 13 kilometers.

Although a player can catch Pokemon, eggs can also be hatched. To hatch these eggs, a certain amount of distance is required.