Charles Goodman of Gary was found guilty in Hancock County last month of operating a vehicle causing death with a Schedule 2 metabolite in his blood.

Jacob Williams was killed and several others were injured in the crash on I-70 east of Greenfield July 28, 2015. The bus was traveling from Gary to a  youth convention in Dayton, Ohio.

Twelve people, including Goodman, were on board the bus when it crashed.

“He had a suspended driver’s license and a terrible driving record. And if he had not operated the vehicle recklessly by swerving off the road, striking a tree and having an accident, no one would have been injured,” Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton said shortly after the crash.

A passenger told investigators it seemed like Goodman was under the influence of a narcotic from the time they got on the bus. Investigators say the driver had numerous citations and hadn’t held a valid driver’s license since 2006, nor did he have the chauffeur’s license required to drive the bus.

Court documents after the crash say Goodman was a friend of the church’s pastor and a former member of the church and was asked by the pastor to drive the group to Ohio.

Goodman was sentenced to three years in prison and three more years of probation.

Courtesy of WTHR